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Picture of pub owner, Carrie
Picture of pub owner, Edith

The Lampet Arms was founded by Captain James Lampet in 1875 when he built this hotel on his return from service in the military.  He expected that the Hotel, as it was then, would become the mainstay of the Village of Tadmartan which was anticipating the arrival of the railways at the time.  However, as a result of a change in direction the railway  went through a neighbouring village and Captain James Lampet was left out of pocket for his investment.  He sold half the building and turned the remaining half into a Pub.  The Buildings remained divided but the coach house was converted into a bed and breakfast facility in the 1970's. 

The Lampet arms came into new ownership in May 2022 to the right is Carrie Hasler and Edith Mooney. Sisters who have taken on the task of giving the pub and B & B a new lease of life.

The Lampet Arms hospitality, Our super soft linen, are only part of the story. Our cleaning staff are second to none and take a pride in creating a space which is comfortable and immaculate. Take a look at our site to learn more, and book your room today.

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